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Commercial Pitch

Ice Cream! Ice Cream! Ice Cream!

We pitched for some designs on Talenti that revolved around a blooming flower concept created with the gelato materials themselves. Our goal was to craft these ingredients to feel like they are part of the flower themselves--deliberate, dimensional, beautiful, natural. To weave the ingredients as if they’ve naturally grown out of a seed. Vibrant, magical, and colorful, with all the ingredients purposely placed, and each flower design unique from one flavor to another.

Concept Art

We started with a study of different flowers as a base. We replaced petals with caramel and chocolate petals and made stems of the same material. We found that we needed to create flower hybrids and that the ingredients themselves needed to be design elements. The flowers the jar sits on felt more purposeful when lots of little details fell into place. Salt pieces as designs on petals, chocolate swirled into cones. Each flower we found also needed layers to make them dimensional. But most of all, the flowers needed a crucial distinction. It’s important so that the viewers know it’s a different flavor with a slightly different taste and message they could emotionally connect with.


For the bloom animation, we thought these flowers would look amazing with fluid motion. There’s a delicate beauty when flowers bloom, and we wanted to capture that in the most natural way. However, there’s one problem. When flowers open outwards, they would cover the screen. Our solution would be that when the petals bloom outwards, while still in motion, bend and fold back behind the flower, disappearing and getting us to the next part of the animation.

Though this project ended on the pitch design phase, this was a creative challenge and a visual language that we loved.