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  • Managing Director
    James Sweigert
    p. 310.433.0239
  • Executive Producers
    Matt Primm (LA)
    p. 323.933.2800
  • Laundry Los Angeles
    932 Wilson St. #2g
    Los Angeles, CA 90021
    p. 323.933.2800
  • Office Manager
    Ally Morrell
    p. 323.933.2800

  • Monica Reimold (SF)
    p. 310.482.1470

  • Laundry San Francisco
    929 Market St. 5th Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94103
    p. 415.212.6000



If you're a creative director, art director, producer, designer, animator, 3d artist, illustrator or coordinator & have an awesome passion for creativity & detail, or if you're interested in an internship, we'd love to work with you.

Please contact with your portfolio or resume.