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Sticky Monster Lab

Show & Tell - Yongmin P.

Every week a randomly chosen Laundry staffer presents a show and tell to the office. It can be personal work, inspiration, travel pics or whatever has them excited that day. This week's Show & Tell is brought to us by Yongmin Park!

Sticky Monster Lab is a design and motion graphics company out of Korea founded in 2007. A collaborative studio of artists from different creative backgrounds and fields, Sticky Monster Lab explores various types of design works, 2D and 3D motion graphics, branding, and design goods.

I am inspired greatly by Sticky Monster Lab’s uniquely simplistic character designs and animations. I found the storytelling in their short film ‘The Father’ particularly inspiring to me. I liked the way the film tells two stories at once through a shared screen by showing the dynamic between a father and son whose lives ironically intertwine in the most tragic of ways.