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Olly Moss

Show & Tell - Justin F.

Every week a randomly chosen Laundry staffer presents a show and tell to the office. It can be personal work, inspiration, travel pics or whatever has them excited that day. This week's Show & Tell is brought to us by Justin Freedman!

Designer Olly Moss has been producing art and film posters for the past 10 years. He captures the essence of a film with a limited color pallet and clever, minimalist design. He has a distinct, instantly recognizable style that engages viewers of his work, and challenges them study it.


Film and art have always been a part of my life, ever since I was a kid. So when I discovered the work of Olly Moss, it felt like the perfect merging of interests. For the most part, movie posters nowadays are just colleges of actors. That didn’t used to be the case. Olly Moss picks up were Saul Bass left off in the 70s. He’s able to use clever design to capture the essence of a film. Moss’s work is engaging, fun, and always reminds me of what I love about both mediums.