Living on the edge. 


Title Sequence Pitch

Origin Story

This project began with the director of Venom Ruben Fleischer reaching out to us for help on UI graphics for the lab scene of the movie. He and his team needed help conveying a scientific feeling that sets a sinister tone. This is important because Tom Hardy investigates this and gets infected with the antidote. In doing so, he becomes Venom.

Title Sequence Pitch

After creating these compelling UI screens, Ruben and the Sony team invited us to pitch on the main on end titles for the end of the film. We could not have been more enthusiastic to throw our hat in the ring on what the titles could look like. Ultimately, we did not win the pitch, but the following designs were samples of what we proposed. We were stoked at how epic these directions could have been for the film.

Concept 1

Concept 2

Concept 3

Motion Test

We also created this short motion test for the pitch to illustrate how we thought the sequence could feel in regards to pacing and edit.