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Stormy Weather

Show & Tell - Kelly B.

Every week a randomly chosen Laundry staffer presents a show and tell to the office. It can be personal work, inspiration, travel pics or whatever has them excited that day. This week's Show & Tell is brought to us by Kelly Barnhardt!

Back in the yester years of my college career, I took a hip-hop dance class for kicks. Our homework assignments consisted on watching dance videos covering a range of different genres, eras, styles, music, etc. in order to broaden our appreciation for dance. One video in particular stuck with me. It was of the tap dancing duo, The Nicholas Brothers, from one of their films Stormy Weather.


Fayard and Harold Nicholas rose to prominence in the 30’s where their talents were recognized from a young age leading them to be a featured act at the famed Cotton Club where they performed alongside the likes of Duke Ellington, Cab Callaway, and Ethel Waters. The brothers continued entertaining audiences with their acrobatic dances and went on to make several movies, star in several TV shows, and tour the world a few times.

This video in particular resonated with me mainly because of the Nicholas Brothers’ incredible showmanship; their charisma alone is enough to put me in a good mood for the rest of the day. Their fast and loose approach to tap, is one that I try and reflect in my own artwork; a balance between clear, concise beats/concepts and a lively, loose energetic style. And also those splits, my lord! I hope that I may one day have that flexibility and groin strength.

- Kelly Barnhardt