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The Grinch

"I am the Grinch" Music Video

Artist: Tyler The Creator
Client: Illumination
Design, Direction, Production, Animation, Composite
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Cindy Lou Who?

Illumination approached us to come up with a concept for a lyric video for Tyler the Creator’s “I am the Grinch” track that was new and fresh without being totally tied into imagery from the upcoming film. We came up with the idea to just cover everything in green grinch fur and make it move. A recurring green furry person dancing throughout brought everything together and, combined with some sweet 2d design and cel animation, we directed this lyric video that is more than the sum of its parts.


Like all good lyric videos we thought we would start with the lyrics. We didn’t want to be completely see-say the whole time so we carefully considered the balance between lyrics and imagery. We started by storyboarding each moment we wanted to visualize and then did a quick boardomatic rough cut to dial in the pacing. Once this was feeling good we started designing and animating each of the scenes and dropped those in as they were ready, adjusting the edit timing as we went to make sure everything hit on the right beat. 

C to the G